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ScoreMore´s POM (3)

One thing which Covid-19 seems to have affected is the amount of good FM-related content we are still seeing in the beginning of July. This is definitely good, but does not make it easy for me to choose just 7 of the best articles to show you here. But, ladies and gentlemen, the job has been done, so let´s get on with the 3rd edition of ScoreMore´s POM.
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Scoremore´s POM (1)

There are a good number of Football Manager-related blogs out there, which I mainly find through Twitter and WordPress Reader. If you know of other good sources, please let me know.

I always want to share with others that which I find enjoyable and/or helpful and this is how ScoreMore´s POM (Posts Of the Moment) was born. This will be a bi-monthly highlights reel of the best posts I read in the preceding days. They are informative, entertaining, or both. Without further ado, here are ScoreMore´s POM:

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Is ScoreMore Out Of His Depth?

Toulouse: Anthony´s Diary

11th June, 2019

What would you do if your club captain had very poor leadership? One of the worst at the club, in fact? And what if he was a winger and you do not like using wingers, or any wide forwards for that matter?

Not very difficult to answer that, right? Right??!!

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Let´s Score More!

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Finally I got down to start blogging about my Football Manager save and experience in general.  I had been thinking about this for a looong time as I already do something very similar for my own, but it was fellow Milan-saviour @atahualpaMaia asking me about my Milan save that pushed me to actually start blogging for the wonderful FM community.  Before getting into the save, however, I would like to introduce myself. Continue reading Let´s Score More!