ScoreMore´s POM (4)

It is time for the fourth edition of ScoreMore´s POM, where I present you with some of the best Football Manager-related posts I read in the last couple of weeks. A Football Manager save story based in Germany, another one in England, some tactics and more. All for you to discover here. Enjoy and stay safe.

1. It’s (probably not) coming home. Episode three FMRensie and the 4-1-4-1 DM Wide

I will start this fourth edition of ScoreMore´s POM with a series edited by FM Eadster. A series I´m always looking forward to. It follows England´s road to EURO 2020 (qualifications and the Championship itself). Different players are taking control of England for 2 games each and we take a look at what happens and why, both from the perspective of FM Eadster and that of the manager.

For the third edition (the last one before EURO 2020), we see Rensie take charge of England against Czech Republic and Kosovo. He starts from his 4-1-4-1 (which we mentioned in our previous POM edition) and adapts it to his England side. His insights and Eadster´s observations are worth looking at, and make up another great post in the series.

Space and options offered to Barkley in Rensie´s Football Manager England side.
Space given to Barkley in Rensie´s England.

2. “I was sleeping with the sounds of the phone ringing in my dreams” | Season 2 | Bayern Munich | FM20

I was sleeping with the sounds of the phone ringing in my dreams. I hadn’t expected the absolute storm that was to hit me upon my return to Säbener Strasse.

Gaffer Graemo

This is another very enjoyable installment in the series which currently sees Gaffer Graemo at the helm of Bayern Munich. Narration meets Football Manager as we follow his rebuilding of the German giant. Read this episode here. Then, I am sure you will follow the links to read the rest of the story. Mia San Mia.

3. Tactical Evolution or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Juego de Posicion.

I’ve been playing more FM than previously and I’ve had enough success with a tactical system that I’ve wanted to write about it.


DeepSleepingPlaymaker gives us a post which is a bit lengthy, but definitely worth reading. It is, essentially, a tactical post. He explains how he starts with his 4-4-1-1 and where he ends. What makes this post different and interesting is how he explains the evolution of his tactics.

If it is what you are looking for, at the end you will see the final tactic and how it works on the Football Manager pitch. Worth giving the post by a #ScoreMorePOM newcomer, a look.

4. Contracts in FM: series introduction

I have tried to apply to FM what I have learnt about contracts IRL. […] We´re all aware of the high degree of verisimilitude achieved by FM. What thinking about contracts has brought home to me is that this verisimilitude extends to the business of contracts.

Du Malone

Come on, that introduction to the series must catch your attention. It did mine. And the posts in the series which I have read so far made me think of new ways of approaching contracts on FM20.

The posts in the series are short, to the point, and informative. So it is easy to go exactly to what you are looking for, if you are so inclined. I am sure you will find something to try. I am linking you to the series introduction here, leaving you free to roam around and discover what you need.

5. FM20 Counter-Attacking Tactic; Back Attack by Mainomai FM

Passion4fm presents you Mainomai FM´s “back attack”.

I haven´t tried the shape presented by Mainomai for many years. It was surely before the 3d match engine, but I can´t even remember which version of Football (Championship?) Manager it was. I can remember, though, that a young Maltese-Swedish David who took over from Maldini in Milan´s backline and Lee Chun Soo up front helped me conquer the world with Milan using this shape.

Of course, the tactical instructions available to us at the time were nowhere near today, so I can´t say that I used the same system. But what I can see from what Mainomai presents here, is crazy. I haven´t tried it myself but I can tell that it would produce some beautiful football. There´s a download link at the end. There is a very good description before it, which should help you make the tactic your own.

6. Understanding and Utilising Attacking Movement | Wednesday Wisdom

FM Grasshopper writes for The Byline about attacking movement. He focuses on systems with a solitary striker. There is an analysis of the front end of tactics for 3 different systems. If you need to score more, to create more chances or simply want to build some new tactics from scratch, FM Grasshopper presents some ideas you should think about.

Space created by the TM-s in FM Grasshopper´s system.

That is all for today. If you have any comments or questions, comment below or find me on Twitter ScoreMoreFM. Till the next one.

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