ScoreMore´s POM (3)

One thing which Covid-19 seems to have affected is the amount of good FM-related content we are still seeing in the beginning of July. This is definitely good, but does not make it easy for me to choose just 7 of the best articles to show you here. But, ladies and gentlemen, the job has been done, so let´s get on with the 3rd edition of ScoreMore´s POM.

1. The Lessons in… “With Clough, by Taylor” by Peter Taylor (4)

I will start this edition with the conclusion of a series by Rock´s End FM. “Why mention the conclusion?”, you may ask, and rightly so. I´ll leave it to the man himself to tell you what you will find here and why it is worth reading:

So, we studied Clough and Taylor’s method, as described by the great man’s assistant himself, quite extensively. But we (most of us, at least) aren’t real football managers, but rather a bunch of passionate fans of a gaming series, so… can we implement it on FM? That’s what we’re gonna find out in this final part!

I believe that Rock´s End makes a really good job of translating these real-life lessons into the FM20 world. The lessons range from the transfer market to player relationships so you will probably find something to take with you when you next fire up your save.

2. The 4-1-4-1 DM Wide and my reactions to opponents

I love tactical posts like this one. If you would like to know the formation, roles and team instructions someone uses, especially someone who has won something, then you can find it here. This is more than that though. Insights on tactical decisions? Check. Examples of how different instructions work in the game? Check. How you can adapt to different opponents and circumstances? You guessed it, check.

At the very least, Rensie´s article will make you think about the tactics you employ and how you can improve them.

3. FM20 Tactics: Taking Inspiration from the Pep Guardiola 4-3-3 at Man City

Another tactical post, also talking about the 4-3-3 (or 4-1-4-1 DM on Football Manager) is this one by Oliver Jensen. He takes inspiration from Pep Guardiola with the help of Lee Scott and his Mastering the Premier League.

A back 5 of Sweeper Keeper (support), Complete Wing Backs on attack, a ball-playing defender and a central defender.
Jensen´s Rennes back 5 – inspired by Pep Guardiola

[T]his won’t be an exact replication of the Pep Guardiola tactics used at Manchester City. I will take facets from his time at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, too. Moreover, I want to add my ideas to the system, and I want to make sure we play to the strengths in my squad. So this will be a mix-and-match approach to tactic building with an existing framework as a reference to build from.

Oliver Jensen

I added the bold formatting in the quote above, because I think that this is key, whether in Football Manager or real-life. What works for one does not necessarily work for the other. Rather you can look at the ideas, take the inspiration and see how you can let yourself and those around you (the players, in this case) blossom.

In his article about his 4-3-3, Jensen helps us do this by (1) describing the concepts behind what he does and (2) showing us how some of these ideas work (or do not) in FM20.

4. Mezzala on FM19 | Mez Que Un Role

Do not let that FM19 in the title fool you. The Mezzala is a role which I love and I can assure you that my mezzala in FM20 works pretty much in the way described by FM Samo. He wrote another good article about the the 4-3-3 (4-1-2-3/4-1-4-1 DM, call it whatever you like) recently and it somehow led me to this earlier article about the mezzala on his website.

FM Samo talks about how:

  1. the mezzala seems to be coded to work
  2. he uses it as part of a whole system
  3. it is working for him.

I think that all of the above together make for a good, comprehensive article and one that you should read whether you intend to play the mezzala or you want to defend against one.

5. Unsung Heroes: Complete Wing Back FM

Dictate The Game published an article about the complete wing back. This year I haven´t really used it yet because it is still early in my career with Tolouse and I don´t think we´re really equipped to use it at the moment. However, it is always a role which I love to employ in particular systems.

This article is more of a description of how the role should work and what it needs to work well. The latter includes roles for the attribute as well as other roles within the system and I think this combination is very important.

Another important thing mentioned in this article is that really good natural cwb are very hard to find in the game (as in real-life perhaps) so here you will see what the author does to work his way around this.

Dictate The Game´s complete wing backs in action.

6. The Lever of La Paz – 4 – I’m just a happy camper!

There is a good number of “save blogs” out there and I definitely do not have the time to read them all. This is not the first series by FM Stag that I am following, though. I enjoy the way he combines narrative and the typical things you would expect to see in a save blog.

This is the fourth episode of the series, but is still a good read if you are new to the series. If you want, you can have a look and decide whether starting from the start is for you or not. Enjoy.

7. Can I trust the gaffer?

The way Black Sea FM weaves narrative into his Football Manager story (or is it the other way around?) is impeccable. His posts tend to be relatively short, and definitely sweet. This one is certainly no exception.

Can I trust the gaffer? is written from the point of view of new MFC Mykolaiv full back Roman Kunev. It manages to

  1. immerse you in Black Sea FM´s save game
  2. remind me of my own save
  3. somehow make everything seem more real as it gives the reader the different perspective of different people involved in the club you´re managing.

I can´t recommend Black Sea FM´s stories enough.

I leave you with something different. Something much more important

“During my time in Scotland I had a brother who was on drugs. Knowing the things I knew about him and having to go out and perform week in, week out was not easy. In the end he took an overdose. You have to talk to somebody and open up in order to be able to be rescued. I went to a professional and talked with her about different things and I felt so much better afterwards.”

Henrik Larsson [The Lockdown Tactics podcast]

That´s all for now.

Always do your best,


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