ScoreMore´s POM (2)

We are in mid-June so it´s time to welcome you for another edition of ScoreMore´s POM. This is where I present you with the Football Manager-related Posts Of the Moment. This month has been really good so far, so enough from me for now, because there is plenty to see below.

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1. “The Firefighting 4-4-2” – La Plata: Mexico #FM20

We start by going to Mexico, where we go to:

“Always make [or learn] something from a good crisis, as we look at the conclusion of Season 2 in Mexico and how my 4-4-2 [work in progress] developed over the first 4 months of football…”

FM Grasshopper

In this post, FM Grasshopper continues the saga which is currently following Hugo Ojeda´s endeavours. FM Grasshopper is known for combining a background story with his Football Manager saves very well, and this is no different. This post has the added bonus of explaining the evolution of his tactics.

2. Those Who Do Not Move, Do Not Notice Their Chains

Our next post gives us more tactics, this time from Seattle Red, one of the strikerless masters. Yes, you can download tactics from here. No, as per the author himself, these are not plug-and-play tactics.

This post is even better because he goes on to explore some concepts behind these tactics, as well as updates to the tactics and the reasoning behind them. These Nagelsmann-inspired tactics are sure to provide some entertaining football, so, get ready to be inspired.

Julian Nagelsmann (RB Leipzig, Trainer, head coach) … and inspiration of some amazing tactics

3. By the gasworks wall #6: Man Utd vs Salford, Manchester Guardian ‘The Red Side’ editorial, 28th January 2023

But as my Kia Niro crawled snail-like through the milling crowds up Sir Matt Busby way before this match today I had never noticed such an abundance of them. One vendor I asked said “Wish it was the same every week, I normally have to burn a load after most games”.

Daz B, aka fmheathen

This is part of the introduction to one of the biggest matches so far in this save. Narrative meets Football Manager in this post which makes no disservice to such a big match. Story, in-depth match report… you will find it all in this latest installment of the series. Even if you hadn´t come across this series before, you can still enjoy reading this post.

A GIF showing a missed chance for Salford in their FM20 game vs Manchester United
Does this action sum up Salford´s game?

4. Der Kult : X.II : A very vague review of the decade, ft. TedRedwood

While some blogs are purely Football Manager stuff and others include a story with FM in the blog, Ted Redwood actually combined the narrative into his FM20 save with FC St. Pauli. This post is a review of the save at the 10-year mark. In his words:

It won’t be revolutionary, but will just provide an insight as to why it took too long/the right amount of time/not long enough (delete as appropriate) to take an upper-mid-table side in 2.Bundesliga, to the dizzy heights of Bundesliga champions.

In my words: it is even more than that.

5. Getting Settled In

Badjokesgaming is more synonymous with audiovisual FM fan content. He is new to blogging, but came up with a really good post. This post is about transfers and other pre-season stuff as he gets ready for his first season in The Championship. It´s not only about this though as he delves into tactics he used and some reasoning behind them. This series definitely looks promising. You can catch it in its early days too.


Already a starter with the first-team, Jude has the potential to become one of the greatest in the game. The question is: can Birmingham provide him with a big enough platform (and a whole lot of love…and cash) for him to come a club legend, and, as Messi has done for Barcelona FC, for him to take the Blues to the very top of European football.

Mat Quintana

The above quote from this blog post covers the two-fold challenge the blogger has set up for himself. He is managing Birmingham in the English Championship, and apart from doing very well with them, he wants 15 year-old Jude Bellingham to be an important figure throughout all this.

I love saves with a particular challenge and while I tend to gravitate towards creating fan favourites and one-club men, I never set out with this particular aim in mind. I will definitely be following this series with interest.

7. FM20 Short Throw-in

This post by set-piece master Ondrej Rensie, does what it says on the box, and more. You will see his short throw-in routine, but also an insight into why it is set up that way. More importantly, why and how it works. Whether you have always left set-pieces at default or you´re always tinkering with them, this post is something to read. At the very least, it will give you something to think about.

An image showing how a throw-in from the right ended up with a goal scored from the left.
Rensie shows us what to expect thanks to this routine.

That is all for today. There were more really good FM-related articles this month, including some from bloggers mentioned in our first edition, I have to choose though. There might also be others that I have not come across, so if you know of some great articles which I have not mentioned, feel free to list them down in the comments below or find me on Twitter.



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