Scoremore´s POM (1)

There are a good number of Football Manager-related blogs out there, which I mainly find through Twitter and WordPress Reader. If you know of other good sources, please let me know.

I always want to share with others that which I find enjoyable and/or helpful and this is how ScoreMore´s POM (Posts Of the Moment) was born. This will be a bi-monthly highlights reel of the best posts I read in the preceding days. They are informative, entertaining, or both. Without further ado, here are ScoreMore´s POM:

1. The Concepts of Current and Potential Ability

If you play Football Manager you probably know what current and potential ability are. You may also learn something new about them in Mikaelinho´s great post. But do you know which attributes are given more (or less) weighting by Football Manager? Do you know what contributes the most to a player´s CA? Read to find out this, and more.

The feature image of Mikaelinho´s blog about his search for the new Neymar. It features Santos, Neymar, the Brazilian team and fans, and Pele.
Mikaelinho FM is looking for the new Neymar (or, even better, Pele).

2. Expected Assists (xA) and Received Passes in FM20

In his article for, FM Tahiti talks about expected assists and received passes. More importantly, he explains how you can get this information in FM20. He also includes a downloadable spreadsheet to help you in this quest. In his own words:

They take a little effort but they can be really useful when trying to get a little extra out of your players. And assess whether your FM20 tactics are working as intended.

FM Tahiti

3. Guerilla Scouting

ZACHAROV: ‘The kind of football I’d like to be able to develop…’; what do you suppose that means?

IGNATENKO: Search me. Doubtless all will be revealed. But, in the meantime, if we’re tooe xclude all players who are left- or right-footed only, then our task is made very much easier. opens a window into Grigor Pasha´s office. The new Mykolaiv manager is in a meeting with his staff where they are discussing their recruitment policy. Judging from the quote above, he is yet to earn the staff´s respect. He may well do it, so follow along.

Mykolaiv manager Grigor Pasha in his dressing room, wearing the Ukraine colours.
Grigor Pasha (as seen in, the man going around the Black Sea changing lives and clubs.

4. FM20 – The Journeyman #8 “Jimmy’s Ethos”

Jimmy had a way that he wanted his teams to play. He has always been an admirer of fast paced, counter attacking teams. He has never liked a ‘possession’ based style, whether that be slow or fast. He feels that a counter attacking approach is more explosive and penetrating.

FM Red Dog

The above is only the beginning of this piece from FM Red Dog, a blogger I discovered recently. He goes on to describe how he plans to achieve the above with his FM20 tactics, delves into player recruitment, and more. It is worth following his journeyman save.

5. My Approach to Preseason Training in Football Manager 2020 – Part I

While preseason is relatively long, usually around six weeks, you need to maximise this time in order to get the players fighting fit.

Oliver Jensen

The above is a very important tenet for any preseason. Add in team cohesion, tactical familiarity and preparing not only for the first games of the season but also for the marathon which is a football season, and you have quite the task ahead of you. Luckily, Oliver did his work and will be helping us with our pre-season. If you are into training, there are also some good pre-season training schedules to try out.

6. Mijhou FM presents…

Last but not least, I present you Mijhou FM. He has started a save with Borussia Dortmund where he has set himself a very particular challenge. I will not say anymore about this to avoid spoiling anything, but go on and have a look for yourself.

Bonus. Honda driving Cambodia forward

Actually, this is the last article I am presenting you today. It is not directly related to Football Manager, but what Honda is doing is inspiring. It is also something a good number of us have tried on Football Manager. Click here to see how Honda is driving Cambodia forward.

I hope this posts has helped you discover some good content. If you like it, please “like” it and/or share it to help others find these gems. Also, if you know of any other good articles which I might have missed (even if they are yours), please let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter. They may well appear in the next edition, out in mid-June.



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