The Kids

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you Matisse ScoreMore, the practically unknown manager who has unexpectedly been given the reins of Ligue 1 side Toulouse FC.  In his first TV interview he only answered two questions before leaving.  But, enough introduction, on to the “Q&A”.

So, Matisse, why Toulouse FC?

Les Toulousains (the people of Toulouse) are proud of many things in Toulouse, but for many, their football team does not top the list.  This is something I do not like, and which I look to change.  One of the club´s nicknames is Les Pitchouns (the Kids) and it is just one more reason why I want their academy – which is already quite good – to become the best in France and one of the best in the World.  On this point, I share the club´s view.

Le Téfécé or Les Violets are expected to face a tough relegation battle this season, as has been the norm over the past few years.  In real-life they are in fact rock-bottom of Ligue 1 as things stand.  This is something which I aim to change and my goal (don´t tell this to the board yet, though!) is to gradually climb up the French ladder to topple PSG from their golden perch and to bring old Big Ears back to France, more specifically to the Pink City.

The stadium where we´ll be playing in such a beautiful city. Who wouldn´t want to go?

That is quite the dream.  How do you think you can get there? What can we expect of your team?

The city is known for its art, creativity and flair and this is something my team will eventually show in its style of play, particularly up front and obviously when in possession.  The city is also linked to air and space travel though and success in these areas can never be achieved without being focused, determined and having a great team all over the place.  This will be reflected in the attitude of my players: determined, brave, hard-working and playing for the team.  As alluded to above, technical ability, flair and creativity will also be needed for the beautiful kind of football we want to light up the city, especially for some midfielders and the forwards.  We are not well-equipped for this style of football as yet, perhaps, but this will be my guiding star from day one.

Photo by Géraud Gordias on Unsplash. Toulouse – home of the Airbus and Ariane… will we fly high?

The players on the pitch are not enough, in the same way that pilots and astronauts need great teams behind them.  So, we will always be looking to improve our staff in order to have a really great team putting our players in the best possible position at the start of each game.

Thank you.

Now, back to reality, or should I say Football Manager?

I wanted a different challenge for me this year.  Some brainstorming sessions resulted in a good number of ideas, some of these challenging save ideas can be seen in the piece I wrote for fmblog. Some clubs were shortlisted, with the final 2 being Brescia and Toulouse FC.  I decided to go for Toulouse because it ticked many boxes, particularly: focus on youth, top-tier team faced with a relegation battle (rock-bottom of Ligue 1 IRL and board´s aim in game being to avoid relegation), haven´t managed in France since taking over Saint Etienne 14 years ago and a personal connection (sort of) as we were planning a family vacation to Toulouse when I was trying to decide which team to manage.  Also, there were no style of play restrictions from the board and I wanted to be free to experiment tactically.

Below you can find the club vision

Toulouse FC FM20 club vision - 2019/20



Next chapter, coming soon: Tune in to see how we prepare for the season ahead with Toulouse FC.  Allez Les Pitchouns! France, we´re coming for you.

(Edit – It is now out, and you can read about the first day here.)

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