What Makes You Tick?

Part 1 – Getting to know the team

It´s officially my first day on the job. I had planned out my vision for the team. I had watched hours upon hours of videos from Toulouse´s previous season to have a better idea of what I should find waiting for me. Nothing is like the first training sessions to get a better idea though. To get a better idea of the team and how the dynamics work, I followed Ancelotti´s example. In the beginning, the maestro stays in the background, doing nothing but observing. (You can learn more from him in his book Quiet Leadership, among others.)

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Santástico – Ep 5: Lessons learned

I believe this blog post by Mikahelinho FM, part of a wider series where he is trying to develop the next Neymar (or Pele) is a great piece. He takes player development to another level, trying new things and explains how he arrived to particular conclusions or hypothesis. Enough from me. I´ll leave you read this piece.


I’ve now done three seasons of this Santástico series, where the aim is to turn a Brazilian boy into the new Neymar or Pélé. I feel that the posts have become a bit repetitive and I’m not making enough progress in the actual save, which is a bit frustrating. I think the two go hand in hand, since my lack of progress means that I just keep going through the new players signed and how the players progressed in training in each season review. Last season Kaio Jorge finally reached that 100 goals aim, making him eligible for a move to Europe. If/when I manage to sell him (and hopefully others in coming years), the episodes will become more dynamic with players to follow in Europe as well as my own.

The episodes themselves are not the biggest issue though. The biggest issue is the lack of progress in…

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