ScoreMore´s PoM (5)

The fifth edition of ScoreMore´s POM is here. This edition comes courtesy of BlackSeaFM. He operates an amazing FM-related blog. I thought that having someone else come up with the posts of the moment and writing the article would bring something different to the table and spice things up a bit. So, ladies and gentlemen, read on and enjoy.
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Could This Be Happening? | TFC Flying High S1.7 | FM20

The Maltese journalist who travelled to France to interview ScoreMore during the pre-season, is back. On the eve of the 4th game of the Ligue 1 campaign, he is here to report on life at Toulouse F.C.
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What Do You Have To Say? | TFC Flying High S1.6 | FM20

At the end of pre-season, ScoreMore is interviewed for local sports magazine Believe To Win about the team´s pre-season and his aspirations for the future. Read the full transcript of the interview below.
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ScoreMore´s POM (4)

It is time for the fourth edition of ScoreMore´s POM, where I present you with some of the best Football Manager-related posts I read in the last couple of weeks. A Football Manager save story based in Germany, another one in England, some tactics and more. All for you to discover here. Enjoy and stay safe.
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ScoreMore´s POM (3)

One thing which Covid-19 seems to have affected is the amount of good FM-related content we are still seeing in the beginning of July. This is definitely good, but does not make it easy for me to choose just 7 of the best articles to show you here. But, ladies and gentlemen, the job has been done, so let´s get on with the 3rd edition of ScoreMore´s POM.
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ScoreMore´s POM (2)

We are in mid-June so it´s time to welcome you for another edition of ScoreMore´s POM. This is where I present you with the Football Manager-related Posts Of the Moment. This month has been really good so far, so enough from me for now, because there is plenty to see below.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on
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Scoremore´s POM (1)

There are a good number of Football Manager-related blogs out there, which I mainly find through Twitter and WordPress Reader. If you know of other good sources, please let me know.

I always want to share with others that which I find enjoyable and/or helpful and this is how ScoreMore´s POM (Posts Of the Moment) was born. This will be a bi-monthly highlights reel of the best posts I read in the preceding days. They are informative, entertaining, or both. Without further ado, here are ScoreMore´s POM:

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A Diamond 4-4-2 | TFC Flying High | FM20

“Yves, I´m sure you´ve watched the water of the Garonne one time or another. Have you noticed how it rushes down at some places and seems to slow down at others? How it goes around some rocks and completely covers others? Do you notice the flexibility it employs to reach its goal? How it´s always moving towards it nevertheless?”

“Well, mon ami, that is how our Toulouse will play.” Yves was looking at me as if he had just seen me for the first time in his life.

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New Brooms Sweep Clean | TFC Flying High Chp. 5 |FM20

I was just looking over my tactical plans (note: tactics link at the end) one last time before heading down for breakfast (we are currently in San José as part of our small pre-season tour), when I heard a knock on my door. They were two steady, but calm, knocks on the door so I was sure it was not Anthony. Who could it be so early in the morning? I closed my laptop before opening the door.

“Hi Yves, come in.” I was surprised, but tried not to show it.

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